{February 24, 2011}   24022011 – Thank You!

Dear friends,

I was happy for yesterday…

It was a day of very once…

A remembrance of who I am…

The first tears I cried and things I saw…


I’m grateful it was a day you remember…

I was delightful as I read your warm wishes…

I hope they show my overwhelming gratitude…

These words that I must say, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”


Love & Sincerely,





Tiring but hell! That were very tough nuts to crack, the questions… I was rolling my eyes in agony while listening to the deliberation (when disclosing the answers) session… how absurd can a treasure hunt’s Q&A be? VERY, VERY, VERY ABSURD!!!

I can only smile in vain over my lack of ability to think outside the box in this game… I’m totally clueless most of the time… what we thought was not the real answer and it’s mind boggling! *faint* Luckily I won a lucky draw prize which helps a little to cure my dampened heart… kekeke…

Whatever happens, I’m gonna take the challenge and compete again in the next hunt. Hopefully we’ll get more than half correct next time around! Dream Hunterz hwaiting!!

The Dream Hunterz:

The Driver

The Helpless Navigator^^

Passenger 1

Passenger 2

The scariest part of it…

Eating this creature, ALIVE!!! Thankfully we have our driver to save the day! ^^

Closing Ceremony…

Look what I got! ^-^




{January 2, 2011}   20110102 – New Chapter

Finally! It’s been hectic, the ending to 2010 that is… and as a result, I picked up this lazy syndrome for the past three days… what a way to begin my 2011…hehe…

The first bomb dropped in 2011 is the resignation of Datuk Misbun Sidek… I’m still in shock as I wrote this cos I just know about it from tonight’s news… bummer! Really…. everybody is curious… we have a new thread in BC with basically speculations coming in… we’ll just have to wait for the real truth from our sifu… *sad*

Alright, now my new year resolution (as if it matters seconds after I wrote it LOL)! Last year I moved to work for a new employer… It was my 2010 resolution… my next expectation? *shrug* more monies? kekeke…. world peace? (oh dear, stop dreaming will ya!)… hmm, how about a new car? tsk, tsk, tsk… this girl, always so many wish….

I guess for 2011 I look forward for more challenges in life… stay healthy and happy… that’s just about it… hmm, not forgetting daydreaming… think it’s permissible… no harm done just to kill some spare time… ^-^

Happy new year everyone!

It’s been a while, kan? Beberapa minggu ni niat nak menulis tu ada tapi masa yang takder… terlalu pack sampai tertidur depan pc…^^ dah start cuti hari ni and it’s for a week… amik nafas… so, what’s been keeping me unavailable for blogging? First weekend, join Amazing Hunt Perasama… dapat nombor 11… kira ok la kan… it was fun ^^ love to join such activity again… dapat jumpa muka baru, kawan baru… hopefully next time ada aktiviti lasak, ala ala amazing race gitu…hekhekhek… cam la banyak na kederat eh :P…

ST5000    F/3.6    1/45 sec    7mm    ISO400

ST5000    F/3.3    1/125 sec    6mm    ISO8 0

Deepavali and me and my sis’s family pegi PC Fair kat Midvalley sebelum ke i-City… i-City tu ok and still work in progress tapi punya la ramai orang yang pegi sana… kitorang balik dah nak kul 10 malam tapi traffic jam panjang dari jalan besar menuju ke i-City tu… Sultan Perlis pun ada… tak tau la baginda turun dari keta ke dak pasai kitorang nampak diorang drive thru jer…

PC Fair

ST5000    F/3.3    1/45 sec    6mm    ISO640

ST5000    F/3.3    1/45 sec    6mm    ISO640

More:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/samsung_evo/sets/72157625257638717/

Hari sabtu lepas dapat berita my closest aunt was sent to ICU kerana pendarahan dalam otak which happened during her dialysis session T___T… sedih sebab tak sangka langsung benda ni nak jadi… pak ngah kiter lagi kesian cos he was there tengah dialysis juga… akhirnya mak ngah kembali ke rahmatullah pada hari isnin malam selasa… sedih yang teramat kerana dialah ibu saudara yang wajahnya paling mirip bonda tercinta, paling rapat ngan kitorang dan kemahiran memasak lauk-pauknyer juga setanding arwah mama… hilang kini sebutir lagi mutiara di hati kami… kupohon seikhlas hati Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya dan menempatkan beliau di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Amin.

After two days EL, I attended the rest of the WCOA 2010 sessions… the congress gave a lot of knowledge to a newcomer like me and I appreciate it very much… it’s an eye opener for me and the gala dinner was cool and fun… banyak tables for calligraphy, henna drawing etc… hopefully I can attend the 2014 WCOA in Rome… kalau ader ongkos nya! Kekeke… whatever pun, yang paling best adalah sesi ngan Tun Mahathir… he really is a great speaker making the session very enjoyable, keeping us grinning and laughing the whole time. I hope the others will learn from him and stop reading from text cos honestly, it’s not really good for the audience and the session can become easily dull and boring… just my two cent la… by the way, tercapai sudah impian nak jumpa Tun M face to face dan dapat bersalam lagi…hehehe… hepi tahap maut nih! ^_______^

ST5000    F/3.3    1/45 sec    6mm    ISO320

ST5000    F/3.3    1/15 sec    6mm    ISO480

Hmmm, rasernyer my temper meter need some new coolant la, kene banyakkan bersabar eden nih… Tadi ada satu makhluk sengal ni bawak keta cam @%^#%&… hangin satu badan… nasib ader my sis and my step mom to calm me down by making a joke about the whole near crash thing…walaubagaimanapun, no keta budak tu dah terpahat dalam kepala nih … tak tau la if we shall meet again…

{October 28, 2010}   28102010 – Edge of Darkness

I watched a movie… Edge of Darkness… After watching it, I can’t really understand why the title is what it was, irrelevant? *shrug* I’ve read reviews of this movie though and they vary… Mine? I like it. One of Mel Gibson’s best performances… he made me cry as early as the first few scenes… I can’t remember the last time I ever cried at the beginning of a movie but this one really is good at grabbing my attention and playing at my emotion… Darn, I even cried! Did I mention that? ^-^… The storyline is not the unusual crime/investigation thriller but the performances of Mel made me glued to my sit. What I got most from the movie is the strong relationship and belief of a father to his one and only daughter whom he saw growing up but unable to see through to her happiness. The ending is memorable… His time is ending and she was there coming to see him, to take him with her… I like the character of the Englishman too… I’m glad he did justice to Tom and Emma… A snort to the Senator when he didn’t get it (Ignorant? yeah…) and ended up getting shot…

Captain Kudos: “You come to me. I look at things. I decide.”

Captain Kudos: “I’ve decided what this country is.”

Senator Pine: “What?”

Captain Kudos: “People who deserve better.”

Senator Pine: “I’m… a … United States Senator.”

Captain Kudos: “By what standard?” Bang!!!

Kudos to the English Captain! ^___^

Looking over the window to a darken night

This tired heart wishes for just a star light

But none is avail nor one to see

Instead a cold breeze or wind it seems


These fingers freeze and numb to hold

These thoughts silence and lost for told

This mind keeps losing its track

This memory keeps on coming back


If tomorrow is a day to look forward to

Can yesterday be a day for ‘undo’

If once a fool wish to stay true

Can such a fool stay in the sky blue…


~All Rights Reserved~


{October 18, 2010}   10182010 – Bungkus Sendiri

Kelmarin gi makan malam (exception under dire circumstances… kekeke) ngan housemates kat Tasik Idaman… hari tu dah pegi tapi around 6pm… suka plak sebab makanan quite good… dipendekkan criter, ingat nak try the siakap/kerapu memandangkan kali pertama gi rasa cam the food price is ok la… TETAPI alangkah tergezut beruk bila mendengar sekilo siakap RM55 dan Kerapu RM60… muka kitorang bertiga dah terkulat-kulat… rasa cam nak terjun dalam tasik tu pun ada… Hidangan yang kitorang makan malam tu, kalau kat Syarifah mungkin around RM40 plus… tetapi T__T sumanya RM77…. otak ni puas pikir apa sangat la yang masuk perut gue sampai begitu sekali nilainya? Akhirnya ku pasrah, “Kak Bi, plan sambut birthday next year, cancel…” ujarku dan kitorang pun memulakan langkah si bujang lapok ke kereta… alahai! [To Friends, makanan kat sana memang ok, but bring a full pocket as you may be surprised by the difference in presentations and the price…]

Satu lagi pengalaman yang aku takkan lupakan… *sigh* semalam gi la kat Econsave yang baru bukak kat Reko. Susu dah abis, so jejalan la ngan Kak Zack… Dari luar, kitorang pun grab la satu troli… dah sampai kat dalam kene tahan ngan security sebab troli takleh lepas gate… ceh! rupa-rupanya troli kene amik dari dalam supermart tu, bukannyer dari luar… buat penat jer sorong… tak pasal2 jadi pekerja tak berbayar… ni satu lagi, masa nak bayar kami diARAH ke kaunter 15 atau 16 memandang “bebudak tu lepak jer takder keje” kata si supervisor…. so, kitorang pun berjalan la jauh ke hujung… bila dah letak suma barang dan si cashier tadi mula scan bebarang tu, tetiba dia cakap, “kak, bungkus sendiri.” Telingaku yang buat2 pekak ni pun minta siaran ulangan… hah, bila dah confem, kecoh kejap kat kaunter tu… mulut yang tak amik insurans ni pun menyindir, “Kak Zack, bila pulak Era keje kat sini.” dan si cashier tu buat muka toya jer… mulut ku terus membebel tak puas ati… Kak Zack plak gelak jer… cis! Ini sudah lebey! First time seumur hidup kene bungkus sendiri barang yang dibeli kat supermarket… apa kes?!

{September 26, 2010}   09262010 – Kenduri… hmmm…

Hari ni probably last day of the weekend which I’ve been having a “makan spree”… ^_^ dan hari ni LCW menang against the so famous LD! So happy!!! *LOL* tapi tadi miss the 1st game tapi takper… akan re-cap malam ni. Memang menantikan match diorg dua orang ni… susah tul nak meet and finally JO final memihak pada LCW. Congrats!!!

Hari ni gi kenduri Pn Ain Ngatiran… tak dapat jumpa the bride & groom pasal ada hal kene balik awal but we got to say hi to the family and gave our present for the couple which is good enough… I assumed there’s no catering cos the foods served are sooo home-made taste and there are really good… Sedap giler! Tapi takder la sampai leh jadik giler…kekeke.. paling suka sambal sotong dan bubur cha cha… bubur tu memang first class… sedap sampai rasa nak tapau jer… kehkehkeh… sesudah seminggu melantak tak hingat… minggu depan kene downgrade back to gear 1 sebab kang balik kampung lagi banyak dugaan… ^_^

Bubur Cha Cha

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3        1/45 sec        6mm        ISO160

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3        1/45 sec        6mm        ISO240


Samsung ST5000     F/3.3        1/45 sec        6mm        ISO120

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3        1/45 sec        6mm        ISO100

{September 24, 2010}   09242010 – Lunch spree???

Hari ni hari makan sedunia…kehkehkeh… semalam dah kosong kan perut sebab hari ni ada dua jamuan Aidilfitri… satu di BPK dan satu lagi di AJNM… sempat gi dua2 tapi tak makan semua… however, dapat gak merasa laksa johor lepas balik dari AJNM… memang meletup! Nyesal tak tapau dulu sebelum gi AJNM tapi tak kisah la sebab dapat gak rasa sket… ^_^ pastu orang nak layan pasembor and cendol plak (2nd round). Cendol ni memang first class! … nyum…nyum… *_*

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3         1/20 sec        6mm      ISO 400

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3         1/45 sec        6mm      ISO 200

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3         1/45 sec        6mm      ISO 400

Samsung ST5000     F/3.3         1/45 sec        6mm      ISO 320

{September 21, 2010}   09212010 – New Toy!

Hari ni a bit relaks but by noon time satu ad-hoc assignment tiba. Hampir settle, just that ada appointment, so esok baru siapkan. Hopefully sempat sblm meeting… by the way, hari ni orang kasi kita new DSC… Now I’m a proud owner of Samsung ST5000! Dah lama sangat teringin nak cuba the ST series… akhirnya, yes!! Bye bye my old PL80… Hello my new ST5ooo… kekeke… SLR? oh, yang tu bila dah pro baru leh handle. Sekarang ni pro katak jer… ^_^

My first shot? Ader… tapi… sebenarnya nak snap gambar accident kat Putrajaya masa tgh jam tadi tapi tetiba jer kereta depan bergerak jauh… terpaksa la follow… so, tak dpt gambaran sebenar… neway, dah try beberapa shots… memang nice… suma gambar very good! hehehe…

Will play some more later… erm… malam ni amazing race asia kan?

et cetera